What Rambling Anti-Semetic Elmo Teaches Us About Brand Marketing

When the writers at Seasame Street worked with master puppeteer Kevin Clash (if you haven’t checked out the documentary Being Elmo, you should) developed the character of Elmo, they created a beloved little red puppet adored by kids everywhere. In turn, the lovable little guy turned into a megabrand with never ending product extensions – but the overall brand message never changed – it was all about love.

At this point it’s become a cliche to say that brand marketing has changed. With the proliferation of social media, consumers really own the brand and the messaging. Marketers can only hope to create a brand tool kit that creates more evangelists than distractors. It’s enough to make marketers go crazy…

…speaking of crazy, consumers these days could dress up as your brand; head to Central Park and spit anti-semitic remarks while scaring kids.

(via Gothamist)