What if Social Media Were Invented in the 80′s

If Social Media was built in the days of DOS,  Netscape Navigator, and slow dial up they would have looked very different.  Kinna McInroe and Jo Luijten created this series of videos to show us just what these outlets would look like. Their really well done, and certainly show us how far we’ve come.

Featuring Spotify, LinkedIn, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Skype and Facebook, these video’s are extremely clever. Perhaps they’ll help us appreciate when our internet is just a tad slow or our browsers freeze up.

For more information about Squirrel-Monkey, you can visit their website at Squirrel-Monkey.com and also check out their YouTube Channel.










Originally found on Abuzeedo

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As If There Weren’t Enough Rules, Here Is A Guide For The Best Times To Post On Social Media

It seems these days we have as many norms for social media as we do in real life. Yes, I said it, social media is NOT real life.

“How many throwback Thursdays am I allowed a week?” “If Barry didn’t like my post then I don’t have to like his.” If you’re one of those, then you’ll love this guide we found from Entrepreneur that explains every detail you need to know about the timing of your social media posts.


The Best Twitter Reactions to iOS7

iPhone users sent out over 7 million tweets about the new iOS7 update over the last two days. Here are some of the best ones…

Proof that we don’t need to tell everyone about everything.

Twitter has Filed for an IPO

Twitter announced on Twitter today that it has confidentially filed an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO.

In 2010 Twitter began building business and making money through promoted tweets.  One of its investors,
GSV Capital Corp. owns 1.9 million shares of Twitter valued at $35.2 million, and they value Twitter at $10 billion.

Twitter recently bought the mobile advertising startup MoPub and also hired a new CFO. Both thought to be big moves towards this IPO.

Bloomberg News reported that Goldman Sachs is “said to be” Twitter’s IPO lead underwriter.


The State of the Economy According to Funny People

I don’t always know how to make sense of the economy, but some funny people do. Here’s how things are going according to people who get more laughs and make more money than the rest of of.

Conan sure knows how to fly.

Sins Forgiven by following Pope on Twitter

Pope publishes first post on Twitter

This is something my grandparents never saw coming.

The Vatican has taken a step further in its embrace of social media by offering “indulgences” to followers of Pope Francis’ (@Pontifex) Twitter account. Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports that the church will reduce the time Catholics have to spend in purgatory if they follow official Vatican events on TV, radio, and through social media.

They even suggest that the Pope will give Indulgences to followers, when a Catholic performs an action recommended by the church.

Alongside the Pope’s Twitter account, the Vatican offers an online news website (and app), a Facebook page, and is currently planning to engage with users on Pinterest.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Tweets Hercules Teaser

In case you’re interested…Hercules is set to be released next summer, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted out a behind the scenes pic of the action.


Giant’s New Social @Cafe to Liven up Twitter

ATT-PARKHitting up baseball games is fun, no matter what your age. Head over to At&T park to check out a Giants game and be sure to see beautiful views of the bay, and a pretty good game. Hop on your smartphone and search #giants on Instagram or Twitter and be certain you will find several thousand posts documenting each and every inch of that beloved park. It’s only appropriate that AT&T Park, located in the heart of tech savvy San Francisco has unveiled the new @Cafe.cafe_300w

Just beyond the ballpark’s centerfield wall sits @Cafe–a new way to engage San Francisco’s fans to their social media outlets. In October of 2012, the San Francisco Giant’s surpassed President Obama in Klout scores. The Giant’s “get” social media.

The cafe  is built around a 12 by 4 foot screen that streams Giant related posts from Twitter and Instagram, from fans and players around the world. In the cafe staffers track the internet content that comes in, and approves or denies it for posting. A charging station allows tech obsessed folks to charge their phones so they can post yet another Instagram pic, and obviously, there’s coffee to give you your caffeine boost.

It’s a pretty big move for the giants, it’ll be interesting to see how other teams follow suite.


There’s no denying the Giant’s have an incredible social media presence, and they’re clearly doing something right.

PR Agency Posts Job Listing for Cat Video Technologist

As a dog lover, I am pretty skeptical of this Internet Cat obsession, but, alas, it is here to stay. A few days ago, James Herring tweeted an image of a job opportunity at  Taylor Herring PR in London. The newspaper-style job listing described a Cat Video TechnologistAccording to Herring, the newspaper look of the ad was faked to gain attention on the Internet, but the job is indeed real.

Cat Tech

Cat Video Technologist

Salary: Subject To Experience. Full Time
Taylor Herring are seeking a new member to join its rapidly expanding, content creation team.
Are you insanely tuned in to the internet?
Do you who know what makes people hit the ‘share’ and ‘retweet’ buttons?
Do you know why Ryan Gosling won’t eat his breakfast, or why Tom Selleck just can’t get enough of waterfalls and sandwiches?
Can spot the next breaking meme before the world wakes up?
Do you have a creative mind and obsessive social media habits?
Could you integrate your original ideas to run alongside a traditional PR campaign?
Do you have an excellent understanding of social media and know exactly what content works on each channel?
Creative Writing? Photoshopping? YouTubing? These skills would be good.
Relevant experience essential…
Email your CV in to recruitment@taylorherring.com along with a 6- second Vine video which sells your skills.
Closing date 21.6.13.