What if Social Media Were Invented in the 80′s

If Social Media was built in the days of DOS,  Netscape Navigator, and slow dial up they would have looked very different.  Kinna McInroe and Jo Luijten created this series of videos to show us just what these outlets would look like. Their really well done, and certainly show us how far we’ve come.

Featuring Spotify, LinkedIn, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Skype and Facebook, these video’s are extremely clever. Perhaps they’ll help us appreciate when our internet is just a tad slow or our browsers freeze up.

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Would You Airbrush Your LinkedIn Profile Pic?

Image from WSJ.com

I didn’t even know that was a thing….but apparently, people are using air brushing tools and photoshopping their professional pics on LinkedIn to be more attractive to potential employers. It makes perfect sense that people naturally gravitate to things/people that they find attractive, but if you manipulate your LinkedIn pic, and then show up to the interview your true 30 pounds overweight, bad skinned self aren’t you just setting yourself up to look dishonest?

Image from WSJ.com

From the WSJ post:

… a little light airbrushing could go a long way for some job-seekers. Smoothing out a few lines, while leaving your appearance broadly intact, might help older job hunters look young and energetic, Schawbel says. For seniors struggling to find work — some 52% of those aged 55 and older are unemployed versus just 38% of those under 55 years of age, according to the American Association of Retired Persons – the extra touch-up may help, experts say. LinkedIn connection director Nicole Williams says an “appealing” picture catches the eye of recruiters: “There’s no denying that attractiveness gives you an advantage over the competition.”

Would you alter your LinkedIn profile pic?

(via WSJ.com)


LinkedIn Announces Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn is stealing another page from both Facebook and Twitter’s books with their release of Sponsored Updates.

LinkedIn introduced Sponsored Updates today, Tuesday July 23rd. This update will allow 3 Million+ companies who function on LinkedIn the opportunity to promote updates to a greater audience, as opposed to just pushing their content to those users who already follow them.

There’s nothing more deflating than creating fantastic content then not getting the traffic you hoped for. With the release of this these Sponsored updates, LinkedIn’s Vice President David Hahn stated:

Marketers will be able to distribute this content directly to relevant professionals in a place their customers and prospects are already consuming professionally relevant content

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Facebook currently offers Sponsored Posts, and has updated their ad platform recently, while Twitter has promoted trends and tweets.

LinkedIn released an example of their Sponsored Updates:


Sponsored Updates will be available to customers with a LinkedIn account representative, and they will begin rolling it out to any company with a LinkedIn Company Page by the end of the month

Head over to LinkedIn and start revamping your Profiles.

LinkedIn Launches Redesigned Homepage

Mountain View, CA based social network for professionals, LinkedIn launched a redesigned website this evening. Linkedin announced 3 reasons/goals for the redesign:

1. Simpler design
2. All of the important updates at the top
3. Less clicks to get to the info you need.

Screen grab below. What are your thoughts? Do you like the new design.

Best Place To Find Jobs: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

In 2011, 18.M million people reportedly found their jobs on Facebook. These numbers are impressive but Facebook still can’t hold a candle to LinkedIn and Twitter.

According to social recruiting company, Bullhorn Reach LinkedIn and Twitter are still your best bet for finding jobs. They surveyed over 77,000 recruiters and dertermined that 77% of jobs will end up on LinkedIn, 54% of postings make their way to Twitter and only 25% will end up on Facebook.

Read the entire report here.