Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling Get the Lego Treatment

If there is a company to learn from, it’s Pixar. They’re creative; they’re innovative and their success record is mind boggling.

Last year the many admirers of Pixar were treated to Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling via the twitter feed of Emma Coats, a story artist at the company. Well, now we get great visuals from Alex Eylar, aka ICanLegoThat. Alex took 12 of the rules and gave them the lego treatment.

(via Slackstory)

Google and Lego Create Earth’s Largest Lego Set

The inner geek in all of us have to be a little excited about this. In one of the coolest collaborations I have seen – traditional toys meeting new school tech – Google and Lego have partnered on the world largest, collaborative Lego set. They ask you to respect the following house rules:

- Be original. Your build must be from your own work.
- Be nice. Don’t create builds to offend or shock others.
- Play safe. Don’t give out personal details.
- Don’t preach. Don’t promote religious or political ideologies.
- Play don’t sell. Don’t advertise a brand.
- Keep it clean. Don’t build anything that’s inappropriate.
- Have fun. Express your creativity and free your imagination!

It’s really cool, go check it out.