There’s A Website That Shows You 50 Ways To Get A Job

50 ways to get a job. Sounds like a Vince Vaughn movie. Only this movie is real.

Dev Aujla and his pals started the website 50 Ways To Get A Job after three years of extensive research. You tell the website a little bit about yourself and where you are in your career, and they take care of the rest through a series of exercises.

It looks like this:


But you should try it for yourself.


Best Place To Find Jobs: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

In 2011, 18.M million people reportedly found their jobs on Facebook. These numbers are impressive but Facebook still can’t hold a candle to LinkedIn and Twitter.

According to social recruiting company, Bullhorn Reach LinkedIn and Twitter are still your best bet for finding jobs. They surveyed over 77,000 recruiters and dertermined that 77% of jobs will end up on LinkedIn, 54% of postings make their way to Twitter and only 25% will end up on Facebook.

Read the entire report here.


Job Hunting? – Here Are 5 Things That Are Way More Important Than Your Resume

Last week on 60 Minutes, Paypal Co-founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel said that education doesn’t matter anymore. Don’t agree with that, but one thing that does not matter anymore is the good ol’ resume.When you begin a job search the most common first step is to get your resume up to date. But a resume does not matter anymore. In fact, I would venture to say that you should be weary of company or recruiter who’s first question is “do you have an updated resume?”. It shows that they’re possibly just going through the motions.

Here are 5 things that matter way more than your crusty PDF resume. Focus your attention on these things and you will see more opportunities and get to your next gig faster.

The most important thing these days is to show the work. Employers know that a resume is going to be 90% BS, so they want to see the work. If you’re a web developer, what are the sites you have worked on? If you’re a marketing manager, what products and programs have you launched? You should be tracking and collecting the projects you work on so that you can create your personal work portfolio. It could be a website, a powerpoint presentation, even a video, but it is critical to “show the work”. For better or worse, companies aren’t trying to train new employees anymore; they’re willing to pay you the money you want if you can show that you can come right and make things happen.

LinkedIn Profile
A LinkedIn profile basically is your resume these days. People will look you up on LinkedIn as the first thing they do to see if you are a real person and to get a snapshot of your work to see if you are a legitimate candidate for their job. It’s imperative to keep your LinkedIn profile updated, focus on the keywords that target that type of experiences you are interested in and to make sure your profile tella good story of your career.

Your Network
One of the metrics that you can look at to make sure your career is on track is to measure the jobs you’re applying for vs. the opportunities that people are sending your way. The goal is to have less traditional interviews and more “conversations” about possible career moves. This doesn’t happen over night, but it will only happen by building a close strategic network of contacts. Before you head onto a job board, make sure you’re building and tapping your network for opportunities.

Your Outfit
Seems small, but it’s huge. When you finally get that interview, don’t dust off your navy blue suit because that’s how it’s always done. How you dress shows that you did your homework; spoke to people at the company and that you understand the culture. If you’re applying to a job with a very casual culture and you show up in a three piece suit, you will get judged…negatively. Do your homework and dress the part.

Your Follow Up
(Cliche alert)…Your job search is just like a sales position, only you are the product. So like a sales role, follow up is everything. Recruiters and hiring managers get busy and want to fill their open head counts as much as you want to get a job. You’re not bugging them – when you follow up, you show you’re organized and passionate about the position. Also, like a good sales person, try and follow up with real information – not just “Hey – wanted to check in”. If you see some news about the company or the industry, don’t be afraid to hit your contact with a “Hi, I saw this article online, wondering how this might affect the company’s upcoming launch….”

Some companies are still going to ask for a resume and of course you should send them one, but a resume should not be the primary focus of your job search. Focus on what’s important to get your new job faster.

10 Jobs on LinkedIn You Should Apply For Right Now

On the job hunt? Or just always checking in to see what kind of opportunities are out there? Here are 10 great opportunities in social media that are live on LinkedIn right now. So, if you’re looking – get your resume locked up, secure the contacts that can help you and check out some of these great jobs.

Entry – Mid Level Experience

Social Media Coordinator – Media & Entertainment - Autodesk
As the Social Media Coordinator for Autodesk Media and Entertainment Solutions, you will be responsible for implementing social media marketing programs to find and connect with Autodesk customers and prospects online. You will collaborate with the product marketing team to create and publish relevant content, optimize existing social networking channels, and test and develop new social media platforms. Real-world experience with social media, creativity, initiative, and a passion for learning are critical skills for this entry-level marketing position.

Social Media Manager – Skype
Implement global social media strategy and best practices across various platforms (e.g. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc). Develop and implement creative and highly measureable social media programs or campaigns working with internal and agency partners

Social & Digital Media Manager - Forever 21
Developing digital and social media strategy, detailed plans and content aligned with the brand and business goals

Senior Manager – Global Social Marketing - Netlix
Netflix is seeking a talented individual to establish and grow social marketing as a new, powerful acquisition channel. The area is growing rapidly and this is a tremendous opportunity for a strategic and creative thinker to define this high profile channel while working with a top-notch established online marketing team. Netflix is also investing heavily in social features for its members in international markets, and this person would collaborate deeply with that as well. This position reports to the Vice President, Online Marketing.

Sr. Mgr- Social Media Strategies - Verizon
The Social Media Manager is responsible for evaluating, planning, establishing best practices, and building and managing the brand across all social media channels to achieve business objectives and drive consumer interaction, advocacy and brand preference.

The Social Media Manager owns the development and execution of the social strategy. This manager will define the strategy using a large numbers of disparate qualitative and quantitative data…

Sports Partnerships Lead, Google+ - Google
As a member of the Community Partnerships team on Google+, your job will be to develop partnerships, programs, and outreach strategies designed for particular communities important to G+. You’ll be part of a team whose mission is to seed and develop communities of influential people and organizations on the G+ platform, with the objective of creating robust, engaging networks that grow our active global user base. By examining key networks of users and bringing thought leaders, celebrities, and organizations from those networks onto the G+ platform in an engaging and persistent manner, you’ll activate a broader user base to engage on G+ as well. Using key features of the G+ platform, you’ll develop programs and partnerships around high-profile uses of the platform that scale globally.

More Senior Level Jobs

Director, Social Media, Content & Strategy –
You are tasked with developing and articulating a global website and social channel strategy. You relish the task of building consensus for your vision across a collection of cross functional teams, product leaders, and regional websites.

Director, Digital Marketing-Interactive Entertainment Business -Xbox/Microsoft
Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business is revolutionizing entertainment. IEB has a rich set of entertainment products like Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and more with a highly active and engaged customer base. Our newest innovation, Kinect, has sold over 13 million units since its launch. The set of services making up the Xbox Live cloud is optimized around social, casual and hardcore gaming, and modern entertainment experiences. We’re fun. We’re social. We’re interactive. And, we’re growing!

Director – Media, Content and Social – Expedia
Expedia, the worldwide leader in online travel, is reinventing online travel, again. To help us accomplish this goal faster, we are seeking a Director of Business Development for Media, Content and Social. This newly created, high visibility role is responsible for working with business owners, product management and development teams and supply organization to identify, scope and negotiate 3rd party licensing and product collaboration deals for the Global Product organization, specifically with Media, Social Networking, Location Services and Content companies.

Director, Social Media Marketing - Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing is seeking a Director to join the Social Media Marketing team. The position will:

•Manage and lead a team of administrators in developing and executing digital publicity campaign strategies, social media communication plans, timelines and fan outreach for select series and projects.

•Develop strategies that respond to market trends, emerging platforms and new apps to publicize our shows directly to fans and allow for greater interaction and awareness through these platforms.