An App That Shows Why Videos Go Viral

TubeRank promises to show content creators exactly why videos found an audience online.

Tuberank is a viral-video-making app launched recently by Rubber Republic, a London-based content creation company behind several viral hits including “Bodyform Responds: The Truth” and “(Welcome to) The Motherhood” for Fiat.

This app is a free online tool for content creators that analyzes Youtube content to show why pieces or internet content go viral, and content creators can sharpen their approach and better target their audience.

This app does not generate content ideas, rather it provides a framework to create successful campaigns.


The Best Twitter Reactions to iOS7

iPhone users sent out over 7 million tweets about the new iOS7 update over the last two days. Here are some of the best ones…

Proof that we don’t need to tell everyone about everything.

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone and 10 Reasons You Should

Originally Posted on The Long Beach Local by Preston Wingrove

After recently jail-breaking my iPhone 5, I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s like an entirely new phone.

Being unable to take your eyes off your phone might be a bad thing for some, but I have learned so much more about the internal workings of the iPhone and, thus, have come to appreciate this extraordinary piece of technology that much more. Besides, our lives are on our phones, so why not customize your phone to make it work the way you want it to work.


I first stumbled upon the extremely easy-to-use evasi0n jailbreak while poking around online (see below for instructions). After getting over the frightening feeling that someone was going to immediately find out that I overstepped the boundaries that Apple has put in place, I decided to go through with hacking my iPhone.

I read a few simple instructions, downloaded the file, connected my phone to the computer, and after about 5 easy minutes, my iPhone rebooted. After unlocking the phone, an app for the app store Cydia was placed on my home screen. Within this store, one can download hundreds of different themes, ringtones, tweaks, sounds, apps, etc

First things first. Before we take a look at a few of the cool tweaks the jailbreak has to offer, let’s hack your phone, one step at a time:

  1. Search the internet for evasi0n jailbreak or go to (That’s evasi0n with a zero).
  2. Click the blue download button that has your corresponding operating system: Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux.
  3. Click the blue “here” to download the attachment.
  4. Connect your iPhone to the computer (a backup of your phone is recommended but not necessary).
  5. Open the downloaded file (with your phone connected to the computer) and click “jailbreak.”
  6. Let evasi0n run it’s course on your phone (it will reboot a few times while installing Cydia).
  7. Navigate to the Cydia App Store (should be at the end of your home-screen) and check out the demos of the best Cydia apps and tweaks below. To download any of these tweaks, simply navigate to the search section in Cydia and type in the name.
  8. Some of the apps in the Cydia store, including some of those demonstrated below, must be purchased through the Cydia store. Most apps and tweaks are free in the store but some will charge you. To get around this, you can use hacked directories called “repos.” Repos give you access to paid content for free through their directory.

It didn’t really make much sense to me to have to pay for apps and tweaks produced by hackers (kind of ironic), so I added a few repos to download some of these tweaks for free. To access repos, open the Cydia store app > “Manage” on the bottom black bar > “Sources” > “Edit” in the top right corner > “Add” in the top left corner > enter the address and click “Add Source.” A disclaimer will most likely pop up after you click add source, warning you that the content you will be accessing is hacked and, hence, may be considered somewhat illegitimate. So add repos at your own risk or pay for the content. The way I see it, my phone is already jail-broken so accessing jail-broken content within the jail-broken app store doesn’t really eat away at my conscience. You can add as many repos as you like (each repo has different hacked content).

Here’s a list of repo addresses currently on my phone that you can add to yours to access content for free:

The Tweaks

Through a few YouTube reviews on the best of the jailbreak, I narrowed down 10 reasons that make jail-breaking your iPhone completely worth it.

First, my 5 favorite minimal and simplistic tweaks that add some flare to your iPhone: </p>

1. Unfold (free)

2. Barrel ($2.99 paid app or use a repo to get it free)

3. NC Settings (free)

4. BlurriedNCBackground (free)

5. Zeppelin (free)


Then there are the more advanced tweaks. These tweaks are a bit more intricate and allow you to have more control over the iPhone’s inner workings (such as code and gestures). Here are the 5 that I think are the most useful:


1. Activator (free)

2. Springtomize ($2.99 paid app or use a repo to get it free)

3. Winterboard (free)

4. iFile ($4.00 paid app or use a repo to get it for free)

5. Customizable Themes (via iFile or Winterboard)

Being able to download different themes to your iPhone is one thing, but being able to customize them once they are on your phone is a whole new thing. Through the iFile app (video above), you can download themes straight from the internet (my favorite is and this is the theme I have installed and customized on my phone:

LS Climacons Theme before I messed with the settings:


LS Climacons Theme after I customized it:


Once these themes are on your phone and you have navigated to them (see below), you can edit the HTML code for which the phone is referencing to tell it what to display. Reading the code gets a little confusing so do this knowing there is a risk of ruining the theme entirely. I’ve only really messed around with the height, color, and opacity of certain aspects on my theme.

To navigate to your themes and begin customizing them, open the iFile app from Cydia and navigate back until you can’t go back anymore, there will most likely be a “/” (backslash) on the top black directory bar. Then, click on the folder entitled “var” > “stash” > “Themes.XXXXX” (might be a random serious of letters following Theme. but that’s where the themes are stored) > and click on the theme you wish to modify (mine is LS Climacons, for example). There should be an HTML file within this folder. Click it and open with Text Viewer. Then you can hit “Edit” on the top left corner anytime you wish to make a change and “Save” on the top right when you’re done. The changes should be immediately applied when you hit “Save.”

That’s all it takes to customize your phone! Nothing to it…happy hacking!


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NYPD Creates Task Force Specifically for Stolen iPhones and iPads

If you are paranoid about getting your iPhone or iPad stolen, that last place you want to be is on a New York City Subway. The theft of these high-cost mobile devices has skyrocketed in NYC, and now the NYPD are responding with a new special task force. The NYPD has created a task force with one primary purpose, to track down stolen iPhones and iPads (according to the New York Post).

When a phone is reported stolen, the police will ask the victim for the device’s International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) in the case of iPhones and 3G/4G iPads. This data is then passed along to Apple, which can report to the police the exact location of the device — even if it has been moved to a different carrier.

The police then go and find the missing phone or tablet. Tracking WiFi-only iPads is more difficult because they do not have GPS or an IMEI number tracked by carriers. It’s interesting and surprising the that NYPD has created such a specific task force.

According to the NYPD, this new initiative is not just about returning stolen phones to their owners, but more so to learn about theft in NYC, potentially leading to larger cases of theft.

You might think that the NYPD have bigger fish to fry, which they obviously do, but the volume of these thefts pressured the department to make moves.

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New Alarm Clock App, Sleep Cycle Analyzes your Sleeping Habits

With a crazy work schedule, a relationship and friends to keep in touch with, there is one thing I do not do enough of…sleep.

I like waking up early to get my day off to a early start, however, ever since the holidays I have had the hardest time actually getting out of bed in the morning. My iPhone alarm will go off, endlessly. I have resorted to setting multiple alarms, in hopes that one of them will force me out of the bed and off to the gym. I have tried putting my phone across the room,  to drag me out of bed, again, to no avail. I came across a new app is some magazine I was perusing through one afternoon, called Sleep Cycle.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 4.10.17 PM

Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase, to naturally and comfortably get you up and moving.  Sleep Cycle monitors your movement during Sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer on your iPhone.  It then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time.

Gone is the day of my ear piercing alarm, that damn near gives me a heart attack, the first time I hear it…although, not a heart attack aggressive enough to ACTUALLY pull me out of bed.

The app also graphs your sleep patterns, and allows you to take notes, to see how events (ie. Drinking, coffee, exercise,  food, stress) affect your sleep quality.  It also allows your to export your data.

It’s a pretty cool application and something I am excited to continue to try, in an effort to have productive mornings without feeling like I’m dragging ass.

Download the app to your iPhone ($0.99)

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Next iPhones to Debut this Summer

Apple’s next iPhones to debut this summer in more sizes, colors

Rumor has it that apple is planning to offer customers more choices with the launch of its next-generation iPhone, including multiple colors and sizes, with an expected debut in the May-June timeframe.

Analysts are predicting that  that the next iPhone will be 0.8 inches bigger than the iPhone 5′s at 4.8 inches diagonally. Other rumored features of the next iPhone is an improved camera, massive internal storage of 128GB, a better battery and IGZO screen display. (via IB Times)

Perhaps we can also expect new colors steering away from just the black and white. Rumors suggest that the next iPhone will be available in a total of eight colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver and slate shades currently found on the iPod nano, and a (Product)Red model with proceeds benefiting AIDS research.



From Apple Insider


Afternoon Donuts: 3 Lunch Break Apps

While you are on your lunch break today, I am recommending the following apps for the Apple’s & Android’s out there.

Bad Piggies

From the makers of angry birds comes another game from the Pigs point of view!

Android Install

Apple View



From Miniclip comes this crazy strategy/simulation game.  Your pathogen just infected ‘Patient Zero”.  Your mission – infect the entire world by evolving the plague and bringing destruction upon everyone. -

Android Install

Apple View



Have only a few seconds to skim something, but would like to read it later?  I recommend reading it with Instapaper!

Android Install

Apple View


iPhone: Maps App

The switch from Google Maps (a trusted mapping tool utilized by just about everyone everywhere) to a home grown mapping solution was brave, but what Apple didn’t expect was such a backlash from the consumer base.  I myself was incredibly excited – jumping up and down in my Apple pajama pants, Apple icon slippers, and my turtleneck and “Steve Jobs” glasses.

The hands on experience with the new maps leaves much to be desired.  The word on the street is that well…it sucks.  So upgrade if you will but be warned – you will lose Google Maps.  My suggestion and my move here in this masterful chess game of lawsuits and malcontent between Google and Apple…

 1. Don’t upgrade
2. If you do upgrade – get Waze (the guys they should have partnered with or bought out)
3. Cry hopelessly because the search engine switched from glorious Google to the anti-user-friendly Yelp
4. Switch to a different phone or buy a new one if you break it or feel like you can’t live with the change

Gone are the days of transit system directions, street view, great venue searching and onward with the loss of function (3D viewing pleasures / turn-by-turn direction) if you own an iPhone 3G or an iPhone 4.  Gone.

I am hoping and praying that Apple gets it right over the next updates and releases in days to come.  But for all my turn-by-turn directions on my iPhone 4…I’ll be using Waze.

Here is a link to some screenshots of the new Map app.

iMessage: Debacle

So, iMessage gave us all a scare.  You know we have to have something to complain about but WOW.  I watched twitter postings on that and was seeing about 400 tweets a minute at minimum when everyones iPhones went BOOM (you all put the storm in twitterstorm).  It does seem as though Twitter has become a complaint launchpad for


hashtag nonsense and complaints about the iPhone in all its glory (yes despite the slow upgrades, I appreciate attention to detail).

Remember when we were told by Apple that iMessage was the safe option due to the problems with their regular texting services back in August?  Where is my safety net!  Twitter save me!!!  We haven’t seen an official fix to this but there are all kinds of fixes out there.

Try these…

Find anything else?  Use hashtag