NYC will be the First City in the US with its own Domain .nyc

Why, New York, aren’t you fancy.

If you run a New York City-based business or live in one of the five boroughs, you will soon be able to have your own domain ending in .nyc.

Mayor Bloomberg announced this via his official twitter account and a website is live with official details.

They will begin to take registrations in late 2013, and NYC will be the first city in the US with its own custom URLs.

Why do this? The simple explanation from the website states:

“Identify yourself, your business or organization with the power of the city’s name. A regular domain name merely says, I am a business online. Owning a .nyc address says I am a New York City business, I am a New York City organization, I am a New Yorker or I offer products and services to New Yorkers.”


Popup Removal: National Geographic

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of certain popups that don’t allow you any further access into the site? Well I just did a quick experiment playing around with Google Chrome’s “Inspect Element” function.

Here is the popup for National Geographics Daily News link on their page.  I didn’t really want to sign up for their stuff because I hate getting emails or notifications on stuff I really don’t care about.  I may have just wanted to see their daily news!  I don’t want to link facebook or give them my email……….

So to get around this I right clicked and hit Inspect Element from the dropdown.  From there I just deleted everything from the Elements section of the Inspect Element UI that had the keyword “block” or “blockUI” or “blockOverlay”.  Right click on the line you want to delete and then click on Delete Node from the dropdown.  To scroll around I found that you had to click on the scroll wheel on my mouse and then move the webpage up and down (because the scrollbar wouldn’t show up after the removal of their popup).  Granted this isn’t a permanent fix (you’ll have to do it everytime you enter their page)…but if there is a website you want to see and you can’t see it because of an annoying popup…there may be a way around that.



New Internet Day!

A new internet is here today… That’s right, internet.

Like Sting Theory, or Daylight Saving, it’s a difficult concept to grasp, but today is the day that participating ISPs, HW manufacturers and search engines enable the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address system.

Apparently, the old internet (IPv4, don’t ask) could hold a finite amount of IP addresses, and every single thing in the world that’s online (or will come online at some point) uses an IP address. So it was reaching a critical mass, and no more addresses would mean no more things.

According to the experts, the new internet is “trillions upon trillions” of times larger, essentially creating a limitless internet. And everything will be fine, they promise.

That just happened.  Here’s a video to explain.