Vine Versus Instagram for Brands

Back in early June, we were  talking about Vine’s incredible success. But it wouldn’t be long before Facebook and Instagram had their revenge, and when Instagram released video, everyone feaured Vine’s demise.

Running checks for Twitter links to Vine and Instagram through Topsy’s analysis shows a huge Vine drop-off right when the Instagram announcement came out. Instagram, yet again, dominates Vine. The stats don’t lie. Check out the graph below:

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.25.51 AM

If you’re still hesitant about getting on Instagram versus Vine, check out this helpful graphic, which outlines the features between the two.


Ultimately, Instagram’s popularity, and the integration of both photo and video, offers brands an advantage. Instagram’s statistics clearly play in its favor, with 130 Million monthly active users. Brands  cannot ignore such a large market. Instagram photo and video is a great opportunity for behind the scenes clips about your team and your products. Companies use it to feature Tips and Tricks or funny quirks in the workplace.


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Is this the Beginning of the End for Vine? Instagram releases Video

RIP Vine?

Today Facebook released Video for Instagram, and with it is the threat of Vine’s demise!Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 11.36.52 AM

What does Instagram Video have that Vine does not?

Instagram’s new video feature allows you to find your Friends on Facebook. Which is HUGE and something that really put a damper on Vine’s use by the masses.

Instagram also allows you to add a filter. Make your video rustic, vintage, brighter, or “artsy”.

Instagram video allows for 15 seconds of video-opposed to Vine’s 6 second loop. Check out Urban Outfitters first video, here.

Instagram just shows the video when you press play it does NOT loop the video like fine.

What does Vine do that Instagram Video does not?

Vine generates a Looping video-6 seconds of content, that loops continuously. It can be shared via a URL and viewed on mobile and desktop.

The looping feature is particularly great on Vine for the artistic folk and brands. It allows you to really make the most of those 6 seconds, which will repeat once completed.

Vine also lists trending hashtags and Editor’s Picks, which allows you to see what the creative folk are doing on vine, which is, quite simply, fantastic.

Vine allows you to embed the looping track, to post to blogs, and websites. So far, we haven’t seen that with Instagram Video.

More to Come…

The Future of Vine is obviously TBD, but here we are again, watching Facebook aggressively takeover our social media experience.



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Cleaning Out The Closet - Nike looking to find a buyer for Umbro

The Facebook Camera – By Facebook, for Facebook.

From Facebook’s photo team (not Instagram) today comes a standalone iOS photo app, Facebook Camera. With it, you can shoot, filter, and share photos. It includes 14 filters, let’s you tag friends and locations, add descriptions, batch upload, and more.

From iTunes:

Share your photos in a snap with Facebook Camera. Post a bunch of photos to Facebook at once, and see what friends are up to with a feed of nothing but their photos.

– Post multiple photos from your camera roll at a time
– Crop and apply filters to give your photos a new look
– Scroll down a single feed of all your friends’ photos
– Tag your friends, add photo captions and say where you are
– See photos from the different apps your friends use