Once Isolated Amazonian Tribe Makes Contact With The Outside World For The First Time


An unidentified Amazonian tribe interacted on June 29 with a government team that included medical personnel and an anthropologist specializing in indigenous groups.

According to Science Mag:

Brazil’s Indian affairs department (FUNAI) let it be known that an isolated tribe in the Amazon region had just taken a momentous and potentially tragic step. Emerging from dense rainforest along the Upper Envira River in the state of Acre, Brazil, the group willingly approached a team of Brazilian government scientists on 29 June and made peaceful contact with the outside world.

The event—Brazil’s first official contact with an isolated tribe since 1996—was not entirely unexpected. Since early June, fearful villagers in the region had radioed Brazilian authorities at least twice about a group of some 35 tribal strangers who were raiding their crops and trying to make off with machetes and other tools. Recognizing the potential for trouble, FUNAI dispatched a team of specialists, including medical personnel and Brazilian anthropologist José Carlos Meirelles, an adviser on indigenous matters to the government of Acre.


RIM To Possibly Sell Handset Business To Amazon or Facebook

The recent issues at Blackberry maker RIM have been well publicized over the last few months. The company is basically responsible for the world’s addiction to having our email everywhere we go. Now they can hardly breath in the wildly competitive smartphone market.

They have a turnaround plan that investors are waiting for them to execute on. But RIM is also looking into splitting their business into two. One entity for the handheld devices and one for their messaging network. Potential buyers for the handheld entity could be Amazon and Facebook. Of course that move for Facebook could make sense as they look to accelerate their mobile play.

RIM has hired JP Morgan and RBC Capital to help assess it’s options.

(via Reuters)

Another Reason to Love Amazon Prime

Made available for the PlayStation 3 in April, Amazon Prime instant video is now here for the Xbox 360.

Xbox Live Gold members, who also subscribe to Amazon Prime, will now have instant access to approx 17k movies and TV episodes, at no additional cost. Users who aren’t Prime subscribers can purchase content from Amazon’s library of over 120,000 movie and TV episodes, and watch via their 360.

Some of Amazon Prime’s other features include:

  • Free Two-Day Shipping with no minimum order size.
  • Unlimited instant streaming with Prime Instant Videos.
  • A free Kindle book to borrow each month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

More here from Amazon.

Your Afternoon Donuts – May 23, 2012

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Amazon Test Drive Now for Mobile

Previously only available on desktop, Amazon is now beta testing a try before you buy program on their Android Mobile Appstore. Called Test Drive, the feature lets you try out apps instantly via the cloud, and simulates running the app on your phone for the first time. It’s free to customers running the latest release of the Amazon Appstore, and available on select phone models.

If you like what you see, you can purchase or download the app anytime during the test. More from Amazon here.