R.I.P. Hotmail – Death By Being Old and Sh*tty

Hotmail no longer exists, and we love the move. The brand is one of the most outdated and boring brands in the history of brands, except Juno. Microsoft announced today that they are rebranding the service under the Outlook umbrella and now relocating the service to Outlook.com. You can check out the new service HERE.

According to Mashable:

The Hotmail site will still be there, and users won’t be forced to make the switch — yet — but the message is clear: Going forward, Microsoft email is called Outlook. You’ll still be able to keep your Hotmail address, and even use it as the one all your friends and family reply to, but your account will be an Outlook.com account.

Other than the fancy new name and design overhaul there are newly social integrated features.

That being one of Hotm… er, Outlook’s most interesting new features: social integration. For whomever you’re conversing with, Outlook imports their most recent tweets and Facebook updates, along with links to profile pages. You can even Like, comment, retweet and @reply straight from the pane. Of course, it’ll only do this if you enable Outlook to scan for public content on either service, something you can disable later.

Can this revive an outdated e-mail service? We aren;t sure, but it was definitely the smart move by Microsoft.