Management: From Cheerleader to Loser

Ahh. The ever present (or absent in most cases) “cheerleader” squad from management. They have in their little corporate books that people have to be happy.  They also have a tiny footnote that states that if there is change that they should be involved in helping to make that happen.  So management takes on the role of being a cheerleader.  I wouldn’t say cheerleader as much as I would say that crazy girl with the head gear that carried the baton in marching band that when you were both at band camp…never mind…I did it again…

This should get us back in the game…

Phew…all better…

One thing I do struggle with management cheerleaders is the “do as I say – not as a I do” cop-out. They read through their MBA manual that says they need to do management things and then grab a flask from under the table and take a drink for every time they read the word “employee”.  Management wants change…but they have no idea how to execute. So all you hear is nonsensical words escaping the lips of management saying that “we’ll fix it, there are no problems, we need to change” but never actually do anything about it and there’s nothing to show for in the end.

We need managers or a leaders of that are willing to be  more like Bob the Builder.  

He’s got a team or an army ready to fix ANYTHING.  The guy is legit.

If you want your company to be more trendy and hip…change up your office. Pass some catalogues around. If you want your company’s employees to be more open, put together a user group or just get them in small groups and find out the NEEDS and WANTS of your team. They may not get everything they WANT, but you can sure as hell try to get them everything the NEED to succeed.

My son gets me every time because he seems to get teamwork and working towards a common goal together.  The NickJr show Wonderpets is one of his favorites and now every time we cross the road, I tell him “We’re a team right?” – “Right daddy…we’re a team…you and me.”

As that warms my heart with pride so does the song that follows:

  • Me: What’s gonna work!
  • Him: TEAMWORK!!!
  • Me: What’s gonna work!
  • Him: TEAMWORK!!! (this time 5x’s louder)
  • He and I: Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We’re on our way To help a friend and save the day! We’re not too big and we’re not too tough, but when we work together we’ve got the right stuff!  Go, Wonder Pets, ya’ay!

I hope that when you manage people or are starting up your company or project that you make sure that the user base is your boss…not the other way around…  And if you aren’t looking like that girl in the picture you need more than just yourself to motivate people.  Get a team together…street team…colleagues…peers…  Whether it’s rooting you on to get started or finished or whether its a team to motivate the staff get it done!  What’s gonna work?  Yeah that’s right…