How To Sell Your Company To Google

david lawee
Yesterday, Mashable posted a piece highlighting David Laweee, the VP of Corporate Development at Google. Lawee works with current Google CEO, Larry Page to target and scoop up dozens of companies every year.

Lawlee was speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Apsen and and he described the whole process as a giant puzzle for which he is looking for the missing pieces. Here are the highlights of how to get your company purchased by Google:

1. Be a good cultural fit
2. Be a conscientious worker
3. Don’t think of it as an exit.

Lawlee goes on to explain:

“We’re trying to find entrepreneurs who are thinking of it as another stage in the company,” he said. “We’re counting on people to come to Google and take advantage of the opportunity. The product is the star of the show.”

In other words, Google is a great fit for entrepreneurs who want to leverage all the goodness Google has to offer to see their vision come to fruition. “The product is the star of the show.”

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