Go Green: Eco Houses Pre-fab Style

I have always been interested in the concept of “going green” but my legs got really tired just thinking about transitioning from my car to a bicycle.  I opted for recycling for now.  As I continued my journey into the more “green” style of living, I started wondering what types of houses that were being built that were in effect “green”.  Building costs can be enormous not to mention the land, permitting, excavating, utility hookups, painting, landscaping, house of for the dog…oh yeah – that’s right and the house for you.

Well let’s take a trip down the wild side and say that you have scoured the earth and found that perfect piece of land.  Usually when looking for land or at something, you want to make sure that you found something so intriguing and so “you” that you go to sleep and remember it the next day for at least a week without another piece of land vying for your attention.  Once you have found it, building your home can be an excrutiating process.  I remember long nights and weekends scouring every available lot with my parents when they were originally starting to think about building.  They found a reliable builder, they had picked out their building plans for their dream home, and the process of finding land was a mess.  And when I say mess…I mean it.  They found a perfect piece of land that they fell in love with and at the last second a realtor swooped in and ultimately screwed over my parents plan because she wouldn’t allow utility easement rights.  So the whole thing fell through.  Let’s pretend that you have figured all that out…and everything is going to go smoothly.  I hope and pray that it does for your sake and also your sanity.

Prefabricated houses have become more and more popular every day.  Your grandfathers fabricated home looks a lot like a mobile home…but now you can get two story cape cods (or maybe more since I’ve looked into it) and other houses already built and ready to be pieced together.  So after all this talking where is this leading us?  Well to circle back around, I wondered with as much as it must be to build a “green” or eco-friendly house (cause they look amazing and modern) does anyone have prefabricated eco-friendly houses?

Close your eyes while I bring out your surprise…ok…ok…open them.  Surprise!  It’s your lucky day because I just found it!  And it’s seemingly low in cost in comparison to even some of the prefabricated houses that aren’t eco-friendly.

The company Blu Homes has six eco-friendly homes ranging anywhere from $125-515,000 all prefab and awesome.  They also have an eco-garage that you can buy for about $22-36,000.  President and Founder of Blu Homes states -

“Blu Homes was started as a two-year research study at MIT and RISD on how to use technology to revolutionize the way we build green homes. I tested this on my own ecologically protected property with our first homes, which were designed online in 3-D and precision-built with steel, installed in one inspiring day and each finished in a week. Since then Blu has been building high-quality, green homes for families across North America. Our goal is to make it easier and more fun for our clients to design and build beautiful, spacious, light-filled homes that bring the outside in.”

Founded in 2008, Blu Homes offers their wide selection of pre-fab homes with options galore!  They even have a way for you to get up close and personal with your customizations with their Blu Homes 3-D Configurator which allows you to walk through the entire house adding your personal touches down to every nook and cranny to include what type of appliance you want to have in it.

I must say after looking into this company and a few others that are out there – I’m sold.  Go on over check them out…and then come back here and tell me what you think.




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    Thanks so much for mentioning us, Michael! We also just launched a new home, the Sidebreeze, earlier this month. It’s like the Breezehouse, but it’s a little bit bigger, has two stories, and is a better fit for narrow suburban lots. Check it out at http://www.bluhomes.com/homes/sidebreeze.