An App That Shows Why Videos Go Viral

TubeRank promises to show content creators exactly why videos found an audience online.

Tuberank is a viral-video-making app launched recently by Rubber Republic, a London-based content creation company behind several viral hits including “Bodyform Responds: The Truth” and “(Welcome to) The Motherhood” for Fiat.

This app is a free online tool for content creators that analyzes Youtube content to show why pieces or internet content go viral, and content creators can sharpen their approach and better target their audience.

This app does not generate content ideas, rather it provides a framework to create successful campaigns.


Would You Airbrush Your LinkedIn Profile Pic?

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I didn’t even know that was a thing….but apparently, people are using air brushing tools and photoshopping their professional pics on LinkedIn to be more attractive to potential employers. It makes perfect sense that people naturally gravitate to things/people that they find attractive, but if you manipulate your LinkedIn pic, and then show up to the interview your true 30 pounds overweight, bad skinned self aren’t you just setting yourself up to look dishonest?

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From the WSJ post:

… a little light airbrushing could go a long way for some job-seekers. Smoothing out a few lines, while leaving your appearance broadly intact, might help older job hunters look young and energetic, Schawbel says. For seniors struggling to find work — some 52% of those aged 55 and older are unemployed versus just 38% of those under 55 years of age, according to the American Association of Retired Persons – the extra touch-up may help, experts say. LinkedIn connection director Nicole Williams says an “appealing” picture catches the eye of recruiters: “There’s no denying that attractiveness gives you an advantage over the competition.”

Would you alter your LinkedIn profile pic?



What Really Motivates People? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that happy, satisfied employees are a key ingredient to a successful company. But what really motivates people? Traditional thinking follows that the more you pay someone the more loyal and satisfied they are in their job.

But, the truth behind employee motivation is a more complicated mix including praise, autonomy, and leadership opportunities. Take a look at the infographic below for more on the many factors involved in motivating employees.

Mo Money Mo Problems


Originally Posted on Entrepreneur.

Dramedy Marketing: The Hunks And Pups Campaign

If you women out there are having a tough time balancing your Tinder game with animal shelter volunteer work, your worries are over. The Hunks and Pups campaign, really called Show Your Soft Side, is paring juicy beefcakes with abandoned and homeless animals in order to take a gentler approach to raising awareness for mistreated animals.


Starting in Baltimore, the campaign is expanding to Philly and D.C. in the coming months. Hunks and Pups has also featured celebrity photos including the likes of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and mixed-martial arts fighter John Rallo (shown above).

The campaign was produced by Outlaw Advertising, felt that using glamour shots as opposed to depressing late night Comedy Central commercials would be a fresh, more effective way of raising awareness, especially reaching those folks who change the channel as soon as they hear Sarah McLaughlin.


Consider it dramedy, or dark comedy, marketing. Taking something dead serious and making a joke out of it. The Cohen brothers did it, so why can’t a few animal lovers do the same?


Social Media vs. SEO: What Matters Most?

Whenever we put our digital marketing hats on for our companies or projects, the question comes up: What should I be focusing on? Social media marketing or SEO. Both are considered low costs ways to drive much needed awareness for your business. Both are crucial. Your time is limited. So where should you be spending your time?

A great info graphic by the guys at MDG Advertising helps with your consideration of both activities.

A couple of quick nuggets to glean from the graphic:

- SEO wins for lead generation
- Social Media wins for brand awareness
- SEO is king for local business

There’s A Website That Shows You 50 Ways To Get A Job

50 ways to get a job. Sounds like a Vince Vaughn movie. Only this movie is real.

Dev Aujla and his pals started the website 50 Ways To Get A Job after three years of extensive research. You tell the website a little bit about yourself and where you are in your career, and they take care of the rest through a series of exercises.

It looks like this:


But you should try it for yourself.