As If There Weren’t Enough Rules, Here Is A Guide For The Best Times To Post On Social Media

It seems these days we have as many norms for social media as we do in real life. Yes, I said it, social media is NOT real life.

“How many throwback Thursdays am I allowed a week?” “If Barry didn’t like my post then I don’t have to like his.” If you’re one of those, then you’ll love this guide we found from Entrepreneur that explains every detail you need to know about the timing of your social media posts.


Thursday Cash Grab: Odd-Jobbing


Odd jobs. Perhaps the oldest trick in the book when it comes to grabbing some extra cash on the side. What is an odd job? It’s anything you want it to be, from mowing your neighbor’s lawn to helping a high school junior with his college applications. The possibilities are endless, but it important to find the right jobs for you and play into your strengths.

Here a few potential odd job ideas depending on the type of person you are:

The Handy Man – Those summer weekends helping your Dad build and paint the back deck have paid off and you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. You could be the right person for:

  • Minor Renovations/Fixes – Door hinges, window panes, tables, chairs
  • Painting – bedrooms, decks, garages
  • Moving – huge $$$

The Personality - You’re a talker and you have a big smile.

  • Driving – doctor’s appointments, airport rides
  • Babysitting
  • Bartending – grad parties, family reunions, trust me people need them

The Creative Type - When the blog streets are quiet you need something to do.

  • Writing tutor – college essays, resume and cover letter critique, essay revisions
  • Powerpoint lessons – some people just don’t have a clue
  • Cameraman – family functions, little league games, photo shoots

Understand that these are simply a few suggestions, and a true odd-jobber will be up for anything, within the confines of the law of course. Remember to keep an open mind and welcome any new experience.

And regardless of what type of odd-jobber you want to be, a successful one has advertised well. Facebook should be your first thought. If you can’t do it, have someone design a flyer for print and digital formats. Give copies of that bad boy to friends, family, the barber, your neighbors, anyone! Eventually the word of mouth will spread and you’ll be good to go.




12,000 Pudding Cups,1.25 million Air Miles, 1 Great Story

Here is proof that you should always read the fine print. David Phillips, a professor at the University of California, Davis found a loophole in a Healthy Choice pudding promotion that allowed him to get over 1 million frequent flyer miles.

Here’s the beginning to a great story.

His most famous endevour was back in 1999 when he saw that Healthy Choice was having a promotion on their frozen entrées section. The offer was as follows: for every 10 bar codes of their product a person sent in, they’d be awarded  500 Air Miles. However, the company had an early bird stipulation that people who redeemed the offer within the first month of the competition would receive double that, meaning a person could potentially receive 1000 Air Miles for buying just 10 of their entrées.

Upon catching wind of the deal, David scoured his local supermarkets to see which, if any products offered the best potential return. After some legwork, he found what he was looking for- a discount grocery chain that was selling individual chocolate pudding cups for 25 cents each. This meant that for a measly $2.50, he could get 1000 Air Miles.

Realising the amazing return he was potentially able to receive, David set out to hit every store in the chain in one day and buy up every single Healthy Choice pudding they had.

Read the rest of his story here.


High Fives: Top 5 Kickstarter Projects For Guys

Feeling generous today? If you’ve got a few extra bucks, here are a few cool projects that could use some extra change.

Simple Wallet 2.0

My wallet tends to turn “Costanza.” I sometimes feel like an oompa-loompa trying to carry my phone, wallet, and keys in separate pockets.

Introducing the Simple Wallet. It’s a super thing, flexible wallet designed to keep all of your junk in one place. Sounds great to me.

Which Industries Feed You the Most Bull$&!*? (According to Reddit)

I try to keep a healthy dose of skepticism wherever I go, however I’m human and have fallen prey to the stereotypical snake oil salesman. Reddit user PaintedCeiling posted an interesting query to the “AskReddit” group, “What is a “dirty little (or big) secret” about an industry that you have worked in, that people outside the industry really ought to know?”

There were plenty of interesting responses.Take these with a grain of salt because, but if even half of them are true, we’re getting screwed. Here are some of the highlights. (Click on the links to see the full comment thread)

Funeral Parlors:

“Throwaway, obviously. I’m a funeral director. Our entire industry is basically a pyramid scheme. It blows my mind how blindly people accept that certain things “have to” be done to the body of their loved one. Think about that for a second: this is the last tangible remnant of someone you loved and you are now going to pay stranger thousands (oftentimes HUNDERDS of thousands) of dollars to (warning: graphic from here on out) systematically mutilate that body.”

Couple Creates Epic wedding Invite

Ah. Humans can be funny.

Getting married is a big deal, yes. When it came to their wedding invite Joshua and Rachel Watson decided to stray away from your generic invitation. With the help of their photographer Jordan Nakamura, Joshua and Rachel made a movie poster, reminiscent of a certain Leo flick.


See the rest of their movie posters here

Via Bored Panda