What if Social Media Were Invented in the 80′s

If Social Media was built in the days of DOS,  Netscape Navigator, and slow dial up they would have looked very different.  Kinna McInroe and Jo Luijten created this series of videos to show us just what these outlets would look like. Their really well done, and certainly show us how far we’ve come.

Featuring Spotify, LinkedIn, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Skype and Facebook, these video’s are extremely clever. Perhaps they’ll help us appreciate when our internet is just a tad slow or our browsers freeze up.

For more information about Squirrel-Monkey, you can visit their website at Squirrel-Monkey.com and also check out their YouTube Channel.










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An App That Shows Why Videos Go Viral

TubeRank promises to show content creators exactly why videos found an audience online.

Tuberank is a viral-video-making app launched recently by Rubber Republic, a London-based content creation company behind several viral hits including “Bodyform Responds: The Truth” and “(Welcome to) The Motherhood” for Fiat.

This app is a free online tool for content creators that analyzes Youtube content to show why pieces or internet content go viral, and content creators can sharpen their approach and better target their audience.

This app does not generate content ideas, rather it provides a framework to create successful campaigns.


Anthony Bourdain And Jeremy Wade Are The Best Hosts On Television

Dinner wtih Anthony Bourdain

The irony of television lineups today is both well-noted and often mocked. History channel spends its money on stoner-shows like Pawn Stars and Ancient Aliens rather than catering to history enthusiasts. The Learning Channel pays millions of dollars to make a mockery of the life of a Southern Toddler known as Honey Boo Boo.

What is refreshing though, is the rise of documentary television series. The formula these docushows employ seems to be working. It’s a pretty simple idea, interesting host, talented crews, and interesting original stories will create a loyal audience that wants to spend time watching.

This season even the bats over at FOX sunk tons of money to make Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and it is pretty darn good. Sure, lots of people find science to be evil and/or boring, but some people want to watch Neil deGrasse Tyson get his rocks off to stars eating themselves.

These shows are risky because the onus rests almost solely on the shoulders of the host. So it pays to get a loquacious New York City chef that beat heroin or a maniacal fisherman that has survived a plane crash in the jungle to play pedagogue.

That is why Anthony Bourdain and Jeremy Wade are the best in the business when it comes to inspiring masses through quality television.

Bourdain got his start by penning Kitchen Confidential –  a book that turned chefs into rock stars. Following the success of his story, Uncle Tony worked a short-lived show on Food Network before really showing off his chops as a TV Man on Travel Channel’s No Reservations. The foodcentric travel show is a must-watch for foodies, travelers, and fans of culture alike.

The unapologetic Bourdain became a bit of a cult-hero and was poached by CNN to run a show called Parts Unknown.

No Reservations  and Parts Unknown are similar bits, which is forgivable because they’re both quality. CNN didn’t try to fix something that was broke; they just rubbed it with more money.

And Bourdain has responded by giving fans, both old and new, some highly interesting television.

Wade on the other hand is a bit more underrated than Bourdain. This is because Wade is a lot less arrogant than Bourdain, and therefore a lot less controversial. In fact, Jeremy Wade may be the most humble man on television.

His show, River Monsters, was just renewed for a seventh season by Animal Planet — a testament to Wade’s ability to both teach and entertain. And it was an easy decision because Wade is a different breed of absolute lunatic. His humility crossed with his craziness make for incredibly enriching television.

All you need to know about the size of Wade’s balls are that one time he willingly sat in a kiddy pool chock full of vicious piranha.

A host willing to go to that level of testicular fortitude/stupidity is worth building a show around.

But the theme of Wade’s show isn’t about frolicking amongst man-rippers, it is about shedding light on a demographic of fish that are often left out of shows that cover sexy water-dwellers like sharks and dolphins.

The stars of River Monsters are freshwater fish, like truck-sized catfish and blood sucking eel things and these fish are downright haunting. They look like a mix between aliens and monsters that are on medieval maps and stuff. And Wade’s life mission is to teach us about them.

Just as Bourdain likes to bring us into rarely explored cultures, Wade brings us into unchartered waters in South America and Africa.

Every episode features an unsolved mystery of horrific proportions set in freshwater. Wade sets out to solve the mystery and uncover the truth behind these often true stories. Using local help, he tries to then catch the fish that are responsible for said tragedies, and Jeremy always gets his fish.

Additionally, the show does a terrific job explaining how the freshwater source that Wade is fishing is also the artery of surrounding civilization. The people of these remote rivers and lakes rely on the water and it’s inhabitants in order to survive.

And we set our DVR for River Monsters marathons not just because we want to watch an Arapaima eat a Brazilian, but because we don’t mind giving Wade an hour of our time.

Hopefully more shows like this come around. History should have several, but instead they spend their money employing dudes to haggle.


Five Things Young Professionals Can Learn From Kevin Garnett

Guest Post by Nick Hansen. Nick writes, watches basketball, and loves strawberry jam. Follow him on Twitter @nickhansenMN

I hate the term “young professional.”  It’s cheeky, condescending, and it makes me seem like I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. The Heat have a young professional bent to them. Their stylish, exciting, and they’re in it to win it.

That’s all well and good, but they’re down 3-2 against an older Celtics team.

Kevin Garnett has been the Celtics emotional leader and most important player during their current playoff run. Young professionals in the “real world” could learn a few things from the Big Ticket.

Here are five things you can take to your workplace today:

1. Be passionate about your work. Garnett is always yelling and pumping up the crowd during games. Some fans think that sort attitude is annoying, but I think it makes for great basketball and for a more enjoyable work place. A whiny, apathetic workplace brings morale down. Don’t be the whiner at your job. Pump up your co-workers, bring the energy, and do whatever you do with heart. Passion is infectious.

2. Back up your talk. I hate it when people make a big stink about themselves. The often maligned Miami Heat coming out party is the perfect example of this.  I know KG is one of the biggest trash talkers in the NBA, but that’s part of his game. Off the court you don’t hear too much from him. Do your thing, celebrate, and then get over yourself. There’s always another game.

3. Keep the team together. One image from Tuesday night’s game that will stick with me is KG grabbing Mickeal Pietrus’ hand to do the traditional all hands in huddle break. It’s easy to get frustrated in a high pressure situation and let the team get fractured. Keep everyone on the same plane. You never know who might have to take that last shot.

4. Give credit where credit is due. Garnett had another huge game on Tuesday, but Paul Pierce made a clutch three that helped close out the game for Boston. He gave a shout out to Pierce in his post game interview with Doris Burke. Remember to give a shout out to everyone who contributed to your success.

5. Have some fun out there. Keep your sense of humor. Young professionals have the tendency to take themselves to seriously. Loosen up.

5a. And remember… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!

Nick Hansen writes, watches basketball, and loves strawberry jam. Follow him on Twitter @nickhansenMN

Dream Job Alert: Netflix Is Looking For Just The Right Brit To Sit Home And Watch Netflix All Day


Do you melt into couches well? Are you able to shelter yourself from the rest of the world for days on end while you watch marathons of Orange Is The New Black or Breaking Bad? Are you from the UK?

If you’ve answered yes to those questions then you better polish off the ol’ resume, because Netflix is hiring.

From Forbes:

Netflix is looking to hire someone in the UK to watch movies and TV shows and “tag” them to help improve the customer experience.

Known as “taggers”, the lucky candidate will be responsible for watching and analysing movies and TV programmes that are yet to be streamed on Netflix.

Netflix calls this the “tagging process”, where taggers choose from a pool of a 1000 words that best describe the programme. Be it tone, plot, description, style, scenario etc.

On the job description, Netflix explained that this is the first stage of its recommendation system: “ It works in concert with advanced algorithms that generate highly personalized suggestions for every one of Netflix’s nearly 50 million members, offering them an individualized set of titles matching their tastes.”

YouTube Beauty Queen Gives Tips on Going Viral

Boston-born Michelle Phan was only 25 years old in this video and she absolutely owns YouTube. Her beauty tip videos have been viewed more than 550 million times and her YouTube channel has nearly 2 million subscribers. Her model is simple, but she has the secret sauce when it comes to engaging with fans. Phan is also in the process of launching a channel for women as she begins her quest to be the next Oprah.

A quick note of warning, people can’t really tell you how to make things “go viral”, but Phan offers some great best practices around the emotion of her videos and connecting with her users.

(via WSJ)

How Much Money Does It Take to Make Money [Infographic]

To make money you apparently have to spend money, right? Well, this infographic explains how that is literally true. ‘Each year the Federal Reserve Board provides a projection, acquired from the Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, for the need of new U.S. paper currency. As you will see, it takes money to make money. In fact, it takes a lot of money to make money.’

Infographic: How Much Does It Cost to Make U.S. Currency?



Crowdsourcing is the onset of a new deliberation for companys, startups, and entrepreneurs to add money to their cause.  Finding funding is something that is you can either do by scraping for those pennies in that junker sitting in your driveway to save up for your next million (cause you gave up on your first one).  When you get someone behind you…it makes all the difference.  It gives you instant customers and instant funding.

I have to give credit to  for her pre-made list of optimal crowdsourcing sites.  This cuts the work of finding money…in half!  Who can pass up half off of anything…not ME.

Check it out.

Venessa Miemis, Evolutionary Agent, Provocateur

here’s a few i came across during my research for the future of money project. they’re separated into categories for creative/artistic projects, & for business development/investment. [DIY examples]

  • crowdfunding – creative

- kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/
- Indiegogo http://www.indiegogo.com/
- crowdfunder http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/
- peerbackers http://peerbackers.com/
- chipin http://www.chipin.com/
- fundable http://www.fundable.com/
- citizen effect http://www.citizeneffect.org/index
- revenue trades http://www.revolutiontrades.com/
- rockethub http://www.rockethub.com/
- sonicangel http://www.sonicangel.com/
- startnext http://www.startnext.de/
- ulule http://www.ulule.com/
- cofundos http://www.cofundos.org/
- buzzbnk http://www.buzzbank.org/
- biracy http://www.biracy.com/
- investedin http://invested.in/

  • crowdfunding – open business investment
- 40billion http://www.40billion.com/
- appbackr http://www.appbackr.com/
- capangel http://www.capangel.com/
- cofundit http://www.cofundit.com/
- crowdcube http://www.crowdcube.com/
- crowdfund http://www.crowdfunding.co.za/
- digital garage http://digitalgarage.co.za/
- globeforum http://www.globeforum.com/
- growvc http://www.growvc.com/main/
- innovatrs http://innovatrs.com/
- investiere http://www.investiere.ch/
- podium ventures http://podiumfunds.com/
- profounder http://www.profounder.com/
- raisecapital http://www.raisecapital.com/home…
- seedups http://www.seedups.com/
- seedmatch http://www.seedmatch.de/
- trampoline http://crowdfunding.trampolinesy…
- vencorps http://www.vencorps.com/
- venture bonsai http://www.venturebonsai.com/
- wealthforge http://www.wealthforgeonline.com/
- wiseed http://www.wiseed.fr/wicket/web/…
- FriendsClear http://www.friendsclear.com
- 33needs http://33needs.com/

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