The Online Sale Of Celebrity Souls Proves You Can Sell Anything If People Are Dumb Enough To Buy It

Your one-stop shop for all things hand and homemade, Etsy, is now selling Ryan Gosling’s soul. And not just his, the souls of other stars and celebrities are readily available, and have been bought!


According to Mashable: “Etsy store SoulsRUs is a purveyor of “freshly reaped” human souls — namely celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence, to name a few. At 15 bucks a pop (plus $5 shipping) in adorable little Mason jars, celebrity souls come at quite a bargain.”

Molly Gates, the grim reaper of the internet, spent her childhood years reaping the souls of her friends and stuffed animals. Gates claims she actually can obtain one’s soul (she’s kidding), and it appears as though we are happily taking her word for it. Gates explains that the process is completely painless, however, the souls can be very volatile and must be handled with care.


Gates admits that she has not sold many of these souls, and is instead getting a lot of feedback on her postings. Pursuing a career as a graphic designer, this is just a hobby for Gates. But as long as one of these has been sold, there is a lesson here.

If you sell it, they will come. That is if there is someone out there dumb enough to buy it. No if you’ll excuse me, I am going to drink eight glasses of water, use the bathroom, and post celebrity urine for sale.

Give Your Employees Off For The World Cup

Today marks the opening of the World Cup. It is the greatest spectacle on the planet and always comes with just the right blend of corruption and jubilation.

In pretty much every country but the United States, work will be put on the back burner for the next 31 days and productivity will decrease stupendously.

So why don’t you just let everybody take the month off? I’m sure it will be okay.

Drop Everything And Read TIME’s Oral History of ‘The Mighty Ducks’

God bless Time for putting this together. They deserve a ton of credit for satisfying a deep, generational hunger for something like this.

‘The Mighty Ducks’ trilogy had a deeper cultural impact than anyone could have ever imagined and finally we get to go behind the bench to see what it was like being a hero on the set of God’s Trilogy.

Read Here

I’m An Entrepreneur, B*tch: How A Naughty T-Shirt Has Become Something Bigger Than What It Is


You know who it is. It’s Tyra Banks sporting an increasingly popular t-shirt that says “I’m an entrepreneur, bitch.” The shirt that is starting to be worn by media moguls and business owners on both edges of the coast was created by Meena Harris, who initially created the T-shirt line to raise capital for a larger venture that she and a friend were preparing to launch. What was once a fundraising platform for her startup is now a a beacon of empowerment for female entrepreneurs, and males too (because why not).

Harris hopes the shirt will be something special, inspiring confidence in women to pursue their business ventures.

As far as marketing the shirt goes, Entrepreneur explains: When the T-shirt line first launched, Harris primarily relied on word-of-mouth to market the line. She also briefly toyed with Facebook advertising for a few months. Instagram eventually proved to be one of the most effective marketing tools (the Imanentrepreneurbitch account currently has more than 800 followers).

The t-shirt can be purchased at where you will find a simple, yet powerfully messaged website. And it goes to show you that even the simplest of ideas can take off and be something bigger than intended. All you need are some social media followers and the help of a celebrity doesn’t help either.

Nothing Too Acrobatic – A Brief Guide To World Cup Sex Rules


The World Cup is about to set forth it’s quad-annual (not a real word) conquest on planet Earth. Every four years soccer players have the world’s attention and most of the time it goes over quite well.

Brazil is lucky enough to host this year’s tournament and people there rioted a lot.

More importantly, sex.

Coaches for each team have to not only manage their handsome superstars on the pitch, but they also need to manage their comings-and-goings off the field.

Sometimes teams get robbed by prostitutes at these things.

The most important strategy for managers at the World Cup is how they approach the sex issue for their players. That is a tough call.

Some coaches, like Mexico’s Miguel Herrera have banned sex for the duration of the tournament. He claims it shouldn’t be that hard. Bosnia’s manager also banned sex for his guys, but added they can masturbate if need be.

France’s manager Didier Deschamps gave the most French answer to the question saying, it depends on when and how much.

The best answer came from the host nation’s boss — Phillipe Scolari. He went on, “The players can have normal sex during the World Cup. Usually normal sex is done in balanced way, but there are certain forms, certain ways and others who do acrobatics. We will put limits and survey the players.”



Dramedy Marketing: The Hunks And Pups Campaign

If you women out there are having a tough time balancing your Tinder game with animal shelter volunteer work, your worries are over. The Hunks and Pups campaign, really called Show Your Soft Side, is paring juicy beefcakes with abandoned and homeless animals in order to take a gentler approach to raising awareness for mistreated animals.


Starting in Baltimore, the campaign is expanding to Philly and D.C. in the coming months. Hunks and Pups has also featured celebrity photos including the likes of Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and mixed-martial arts fighter John Rallo (shown above).

The campaign was produced by Outlaw Advertising, felt that using glamour shots as opposed to depressing late night Comedy Central commercials would be a fresh, more effective way of raising awareness, especially reaching those folks who change the channel as soon as they hear Sarah McLaughlin.


Consider it dramedy, or dark comedy, marketing. Taking something dead serious and making a joke out of it. The Cohen brothers did it, so why can’t a few animal lovers do the same?


F#^k Nike, Hyundai Has The Best World Cup Ad So Far

When the World Cup gets to rolling around, the people at Nike, ESPN, and the like spend millions of dollars on creating nifty ad campaigns that feature some of the world’s sexiest soccer best futbol players.

Hyundai has decided to use their geniuses to come up with a campaign more relatable for the plebeians out there tugging at the raw emotion that surrounds the World Cup.

Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?



May day, MAY-DAY.

Thing aren’t looking good for the children of the future. As people rely more and more on communication through social networks, mobile devices and instant messaging; spelling, grammar, sentence structure and written word as a whole is falling by the wayside.

With a growing tendency to abbreviate or create acronyms people do not practice their writing skills the way they used to, and kids are going to suffer the consequences.

Among the interesting facts within this Infographic, is that young adults, who are predominant “TechSpeak” users, are at the most formative learning years, and struggle to move between Techspeak and proper grammar.



Original Link Here

What Will The Path To Your First Billion Be?

Mark Cuban started selling garbage bags at age 12. Richard Branson seemingly has said “yes” to every business venture to come across his desk. See the journey Cuban, Branson, and three other billionaire’s made towards accruing their riches. If you feel discouraged, don’t be, because what you’re doing right now could very well be the next little circle on this infographic from Entrepreneur.

Everything Is Ruined: Yum! To Launch A Banh Mi Fast Food Spot

Yum Brands - Defining Global Company that Feeds the World

The parent company that owns Taco Bell and KFC is opening a Banh Mi sandwich shop called Banh Shop, Business Insider reports.

This is the second big announcement Yum! has made in a few weeks, as they also decided to try their hands at the fast, casual trend to compete better with Chipotle and the like.

Yum! is proving that if there is a fad, no matter how foreign it’s origin, big corporations will do what it takes to exploit and saturate the market.

Banh Mi sandwiches are of Southeast Asian roots and usually consist of pickled veggies with meat on a French Baguette. You see the French once owned Vietnam so that’s why this all is happening.

God help us.