Should I Drink This Fucking Beer?, A Craft Beer Suggestion Website


This is truly awesome.

This website encourages you to input a beer name you like, and it will give you its opinion of whether that beer is acceptable or not AND  of additional beer suggestions. The site encourages users to support craft breweries.

The compliments are swell, and the criticisms are HARSH, man.

But, it’s freaking hilarious.

Once you get over the ever-so-harsh responses, crack open one of the craft brews they suggest.

Check out some of the responses, below.

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Dove Canada Uses Photoshop Trick to Shame Photo Airbrushers

The latest from Dove’s “Real Beauty campaign comes with a reality check for the photo editors, graphic designers adn art directors taht have created an industry of airbrushing, cropping and altering images completely. Bottom line is-these professionals are setting unrealistic beauty standards–for women and men-and dove wanted to make a point.

Dove when for the sneak attack.

Dove’s Toronto team from the Ogilvy agency created a Photoshop Action called “beautify”, a downloadable file that makes a change with one click and is intended for the creative folk who make these alterations-slicing the curves right off of that healthy, slim model. Well..the Photoshop Action is NOT what you think it is. Well. It is MUCH MUCH BETTER.

Fist bump, Dove.

Posting to Facebook: PHOTOS Rule, Text Only…Drools?

Content is KING! You’ve heard this before. But-your content won’t get the traction it deserves if it doesn’t lure people in. Perhaps, PHOTOS ARE KING when posting to your social networks.

Did you know Facebook users upload approximately 300 millions photos to Facebook EACH DAY?

Wall posts receive 53% more likes than text only posts, according to a study conducted by Marketing giant, Hubspot.


Via HubSpot

As you post to your Page’s facebook page and spread the word about your brand, keep these facts in mind. Text alone won’t lure in your consumer base. Make it interesting!

The folks at Wishpond compiled some factoids about Images and Facebook to help persuade you to take the time to post with an image, and your page will reap the benefits.