NY Children Hospital Installs a Pirate-Themed CT Scan Machine

So Incredible.

Hospitals leave a pit in my stomach. They’re hard for adults and even more difficult for kids. I can only imagine how scary procedures, CT Scans, and MRI’s would be for a little kid. Well, the New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital decided to add a little pizazz to their CT Scan by employing a pirate theme.

NY Presbyterian is one of the largest Children’s hospital in the country, and it was the perfect place for such an installation.

Pretty freakin’ awesome.

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Source: childrensnyp.org


Mario and Luigi Parkour

Perhaps you thought Parkour was a newer trend, fueled by YouTube. Forget not our video game favorites, Mario and Luigi.

Watch stunt guys Christian Russell and Ronnie Shalvis dodge fireballs, collect coins and hit bricks, all while flying through the air dressed up as Mario and Luigi.

So…if Mario and Luigi were real live people in our world, they would most likely be Parkour Phenoms.

A Spray-On Chemical Which May Make Window Blinds Obsolete

NeverWet is old news. The next big spray-on coating, is working to create smart windows, which will use electrical currents to actually stop heat—and light—from passing through windows. This invention could save us billions of dollars a year in energy costs.

This great invention comes from Molecular Foundry, of Berkeley, focusing on smart energy. Last year, the director of the Foundry was awarded a $3 million grant from the Department of Energy to develop a window coating that could stop light and heat without the use of shades.

The Molecular Foundry team is  already in the process of bringing the technology to the market, closer to your fingertips  Just think about how much money Americans alone spend on energy. So determining a cost effective solution could be incredible.

Facebook’s NEW Embeddable Posts!

Facebook continues to push more and more updates. Last week was no different, Facebook announced that they are finally allowing posts from Facebook to be embedded on other websites, similar to the way that Twitter allows for embedded tweets. This gives brands an opportunity to cross connect all of their outlets and push traffic to the Facebook page.


Embedded Tweets will increase your community ENGAGEMENT.  Facebook has over 1 Billion users, but they cannot always make their way back to your page on facebook. Embedded Posts on your website (or rather, encouraging others to embed tweets on THEIR website) will increase reach- thus increasing engagement. Allowing the conversations to occur both on and off Facebook will drive your brands reach and engagement.

Although we hate to admit it….not everyone is on Facebook (say WHAT?) But, you can still reach those customers by embedding your tweets on your website to engage with you outside of Facebook. With this- won’t miss your userbase who is off of Facebook if you embed your important posts on your site- and people can view them-regardless of whether or not they have a Facebook account.

Up until now, when someone posts about something that happened on a Facebook page, they hyperlink out to the page. Now with embeddable posts, you can bring the post to them. Often users don’t click through…and with the new feature they won’t have to! This improves the user experience tremendously..reducing the number of clicks and steps a person needs to take to engage with a brand.

The like button on the embeddable post is pretty clutch…so embed posts that will really lure people to Like your page and become a long-time, engaged user.

This new feature is being rolled out by Facebook now, will you take advantage of it?