Filmmaker Sean Hartofilis Drops Some Inspiration and Wisdom On The Side Hustle Podcast

The Morning Donuts crew had the pleasure of sitting down with writer/director Sean Hartofilis. Hartofilis’ debut feature, Beach Pillows is a fantastic story, especially relevant for those who are just trying to make sense of what they want to become.

Hartofilis is an inspirational cat for those who have aspirations of one day making a movie. Despite not having any prior directorial credits, he was able to overcome that and make quite a film.

The film stars Geoffrey Arend, Vincent Kartheiser, and Richard Schiff.

Please, please check out his film here.


Boom! Edible Wrappers Makes Eating Cupcakes Even More Enjoyable


Cupcakes are the best.

They are little tiny cakes that you can eat and that is just about the best thing this world has to offer. Until now, the only problem with cupcakes have been peeling off those annoying wrappers and the fear that the cake will crumble apart with the peeling.

Rest easy now. Dr. Oetker has solved one of life’s greatest quandaries.


Dr. Oetker Edible Wafer Cases are pink and blue wafer baking cases which you can eat. There is no need to remove the case, you can now eat the whole cupcake with no waste or mess! Use instead of paper baking cases when baking cupcakes for an extra special addition to your baking. 

Edible Wafer Cases are bake stable, and do not need to be baked in a cupcake tray- they can be baked on a flat baking tray. 

Snapchat Making More Moves By Enabling Photo Filters

Oh, you think it’s cool to use #nofilters now? Snapchat doesn’t care, and is working towards enabling photo filters for the photo app, following up the addition of Our Story a while back. The move is to make Snapchat more appealing and versatile, so as to keep up with the likes of Instagram and simple photo messaging.

Mashable first noticed the new watermark on a couple of photos shared by Snapchat COO Emily White.

Snapchat-Vice-LogoAccording to Mashable:

A Snapchat spokesperson declined to comment on the new photo filters, but it seems plausible that Snapchat may use the customizable logos to attract more brands to the service. Brands are already sending out snaps to users, but the ability to add a logo to content would add both legitimacy and extra advertising for brand marketers.

Snapchat announced earlier this week that it’s testing a new group sharing feature called Our Story for concerts and other live events. As more and more brands join the service, it opens up potential monetization opportunities for Snapchat, which isn’t currently making money.

The combination of new filters, chat capability, and Our Story puts Snapchat in a prime spot to generate some revenue with brands. An aspect of business in which the company has already made headway by partnering with Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas, where attendees could post “Stories” to a specific EDC tab in the app.

That “Chicken Fat” Song From The iPhone Commercial Was Used In Physical Education Class In The ’60s

The marketing geniuses at this technology company called Apple released a new slate of commercials to push their iPhone 5s out of the door so they can make room for the iPhone 6, which is coming out sometime someday.

These new iPhone 5 ads feature a catchy tune that sounds like it comes from an episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ but in reality, it is all JFK’s fault.

From the JFK Library:

Description: Chicken Fat, also known as “The Youth Fitness Song.” Composed for President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness Program. Recordings of this song were sent to school districts throughout the United States to accompany the official U.S. Physical Fitness program of the President’s Council on Physical FitnessComposer: Meredith WillsonPerformer: Robert PrestonConductor: Bernie Green

Eddie Johnson Chats With Morning Donuts About England, World Cup, and Bacardi’s Untameable Fan Competition

Eddie Johnson has played an integral role in the growth of soccer in America. He started playing in the MLS as a teenager with the Kansas City Wizards and burst onto the scene as a prolific goal scorer.

Following the blinding start to his career, Eddie began receiving offers from clubs in England to come play overseas. After some internal debate, Johnson made the move to Fulham, a club based in London.

Johnson is now 30 years old and has seen it all. He’s played professionally in England, Greece, Wales, and the US. He’s played in a World Cup. He’s had rocks and bags of urine hurled at him during World Cup qualifiers.

Now, Eddie is playing with DC United of MLS and sat down to chat with us about his role in helping Bacardi find soccer’s most Untameable Fan.

For more information on Bacardi’s contest, click here.

New HelloFlo Ad Gives A Fresh, Funny Take On Menstration

In this hilarious HelloFlo ad, a young girl, anxiously awaiting her first period, stages the big moment in a lie to her mother, which spirals out of control culminating with a “First Moon Party.” HelloFlo is a subscription box service providing all the necessities to take care of “your vagina.”

Good on the marketing folks at HelloFlo, taking an often serious, sometimes taboo subject (I’m just nervous to be a guy talking about periods) and making light of it. Not to mention, the period starter kit doesn’t look half bad.


The BIG Data of the Porn Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jon Millward, who reviewed data from more than 10,000 profiles of porn stars in the Internet Adult Film Database, compiled his data to analyze the industry.The result is the big data of porn, a set of facts that would surprise you and your perceptions about sex films on the Internet.

The common conceptions for the Porn industry are that of large breasted, blonde women,  a lot of makeup, and not a lot of brains.

Based on the data collected these conceptions, are actually misconceptions. Only 8.6% had a bra cup size of 34B. Double-D bra sizes were fourth, behind B, C, and D.  Dark-haired porn stars outnumbered blondes by two to one.




Read more at Venture Beat

Goldman Sachs’ “The World Cup And Economics 2014″


Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is officially underway, we wanted to share with you fine folks a little nugget we’ve found. Goldman Sachs’ The World Cup and Economics 2014 is a comprehensive breakdown of the World Cup landscape and it’s history, including team-by-team analysis, predictions based off extensive research, and implications each country’s economy has on it’s team’s performance and vice versa.

Think of it as a numbers guy’s one-stop shop to the World Cup, but in a language we plebians can understand as well. So strap in, enjoy 67 pages of World Cup cheddar, and get ready for Mexico vs. Cameroon.

We’re predicting a 1-1 draw. Well not us, Goldman is, and we’re trailing.