5 Great Apps for Guys

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There are thousands of apps that are out on the market, but not all apps are created equal. There are some apps that are girly or childish, and then there are some that are made with men in mind. These apps are designed by men, for men. These apps well help you keep fit, avoid traffic tickets, and much more.

If you are a big sports fan, then this is the app for you. FanFinder helps you find bars and hangouts that have fans of your favorite sports team so you can watch the game among friends. To use this app, the first thing you need to do is find your favorite sports team whether they are with the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, or NCAA Basketball. Then you can pick the team that you absolutely cannot stand. The app then shows you the best hangout spots for you. You can also go onto their website and will be able to see when your team’s games are, who they are playing, and what bars you can go watch them at. This free app ensures that you will be able to watch the game among other fans, and not have to worry about your rival team’s fans bringing down the mood.

This app is The Art of Manliness and lets readers of The Art of Manliness, take their website with them where ever they go. The app gives you access to a ton of articles, how-to videos, and everything else that makes that site the authority of manliness. The Manliness app is free and is currently only available for the iPhone.

Trapster is an app to help you when you are on the road. It gives you live updates from other users about the current road conditions and speed traps. With your app you will be able to see where users say there is live police enforcement that is checking cars with a speed gun as well as known enforcement points. Besides showing you where you could get a ticket for speeding, it also shows you road conditions, school zones, toll booths and a variety of noted hazards like construction and pot holes. You can also track you road trips and upload them to Facebook and Twitter, or if you are traveling in a caravan, you can communicate using the app. Trapster is a free app and is available for a variety of phones.

For men who like to get and stay in shape, iFitness is a must. This app allows you to view different workouts and store your favorites so you can create a specialized work out just for you. Unlike many fitness apps that require access to the internet, 3G, or 4G, this app can give you your fitness plan even if you don’t have internet access. Majority of cell phone plans now require you to have a data plan and some apps use data if you don’t have internet. Since iFitness works offline and won’t go against your data plan, even in the gym. The only time the app require internet is when you need to update your app and sync workouts to iFitness’ server. The app gives you step by step instructions for different workouts and pictures to demonstrate the proper way to perform the exercise. iFitness is like a personal trainer in your pocket.

Weber’s On the Grill
This app is perfect for any barbecue or grill master, or someone who just likes to fire up the grill. Weber’s On the Grill app gives you over 250 recipes and lets you store the ingredients to an itemized shopping list. While you are cooking, you can watch a short how-to video to help you prepare the best meal on the grill. It also gives you a timer and time guides for different types of meat like chicken, fish, and red meat as well as vegetables. The app is cheaper than a nice cut of steak at $4.99 for each device you install it on, like the iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone. The iPad app has a few more options than the iPhone app, and at times it could be frustrating because the iPhone and iPad apps don’t sync together. However, this is a great app for men and their grills.

Image CreditJohn Karakatsanis