American Airlines arming 17,000 flight attendants with Galaxy Note

Have you heard that American Airlines arming 17,000 flight attendants with Galaxy Note?

I know crazy right (hopefully we will see a move from Apple here in the near future with the iPad mini or another release of the iPhone?).  Here in the near future (later this year) for American Airlines, you will see flight attendants using these devices to catalog passenger information in attempt to improve their customer experience.  Now if they gave all the passengers these phones…then I would be impressed.

These phones will be used to access your name, seat number, loyalty program and will record your meal and beverage preferences.  On top of that they will be able to identify high value customers or those who need special assistance and also provide you with your connecting flight, gate, weather info, and any delays (this is flight info capability pending FAA approval).

According to Maya Liebman, American Airlines CIO

“We’re pioneering important new technologies as part of our continued effort to build a new American and return to industry leadership,” said Maya Leibman, American’s Chief Information Officer. “As we continue to evolve into a more modern airline and explore ways to enhance the travel experience, we are giving our people the tools they need to offer our loyal customers ease of travel both in the air and on the ground.”


5 Projects to Back

I love Kickstarter…one of my favorite places to go and find innovative people out there in the sphere. Here are 5 projects I ran across in my travels that you should think about either buying or backing.

The Letter L – Functional furniture:
White Elephant gift? Pooping pooches? Perfect:
Book about Beer & Bikes – Get back in the saddle with:
Explain to your Kid’s why Mom’s a wino:
Some pretty sick magnetic bike lights:

iPhone: Maps App

The switch from Google Maps (a trusted mapping tool utilized by just about everyone everywhere) to a home grown mapping solution was brave, but what Apple didn’t expect was such a backlash from the consumer base.  I myself was incredibly excited – jumping up and down in my Apple pajama pants, Apple icon slippers, and my turtleneck and “Steve Jobs” glasses.

The hands on experience with the new maps leaves much to be desired.  The word on the street is that well…it sucks.  So upgrade if you will but be warned – you will lose Google Maps.  My suggestion and my move here in this masterful chess game of lawsuits and malcontent between Google and Apple…

 1. Don’t upgrade
2. If you do upgrade – get Waze (the guys they should have partnered with or bought out)
3. Cry hopelessly because the search engine switched from glorious Google to the anti-user-friendly Yelp
4. Switch to a different phone or buy a new one if you break it or feel like you can’t live with the change

Gone are the days of transit system directions, street view, great venue searching and onward with the loss of function (3D viewing pleasures / turn-by-turn direction) if you own an iPhone 3G or an iPhone 4.  Gone.

I am hoping and praying that Apple gets it right over the next updates and releases in days to come.  But for all my turn-by-turn directions on my iPhone 4…I’ll be using Waze.

Here is a link to some screenshots of the new Map app.

Get Satisfaction

Ever wonder how you could get more satisfaction from your customer base?  Some of the top companies in the world are using Get Satisfaction.  Get Satisfaction and it’s clients boast the ability to help you get more clients, drive product innovation, and improve customer experience by making your customer your product advocates and making your website more social.  Happy customers makes for successful businesses and Get Satisfaction has got you covered to make for happier customers.

Get Satisfaction helps companies build a trusted connection with their customers by bringing relevant customer conversations Anywhere: Your website, social network, via search, and on mobile. Customers can ask questions, share ideas, report problems and truly engage with your company on topics they care about.

About Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction was born out of Valleyschwag, a lark of an idea for distributing grab bags of leftover Silicon Valley promotional goodies.

While initially designed to be a fun and frivolous side project, a surprising number of people signed up for the service, and we found ourselves awash in thousands of customer-service requests. We couldn’t find a suitable, inexpensive, online tool to host our community of customers. So we built one. We created a friendly online environment to encourage people to answer each others’ questions, pitch in to help solve problems, and share all kinds of new ideas about how to improve their product and processes.

Today, Get Satisfaction is the leading customer engagement platform that helps companies build better relationships with their customers and prospects, and better relationships mean better business. Get Satisfaction powers 65,000 customer communities for companies of all sizes and over 4 million registered users interact with top global brands on Get Satisfaction. With Get Satisfaction, you can quickly set-up an online customer community to engage with your customers anywhere they are: your website, Facebook, search and mobile devices.


Popup Removal: National Geographic

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of certain popups that don’t allow you any further access into the site? Well I just did a quick experiment playing around with Google Chrome’s “Inspect Element” function.

Here is the popup for National Geographics Daily News link on their page.  I didn’t really want to sign up for their stuff because I hate getting emails or notifications on stuff I really don’t care about.  I may have just wanted to see their daily news!  I don’t want to link facebook or give them my email……….

So to get around this I right clicked and hit Inspect Element from the dropdown.  From there I just deleted everything from the Elements section of the Inspect Element UI that had the keyword “block” or “blockUI” or “blockOverlay”.  Right click on the line you want to delete and then click on Delete Node from the dropdown.  To scroll around I found that you had to click on the scroll wheel on my mouse and then move the webpage up and down (because the scrollbar wouldn’t show up after the removal of their popup).  Granted this isn’t a permanent fix (you’ll have to do it everytime you enter their page)…but if there is a website you want to see and you can’t see it because of an annoying popup…there may be a way around that.



U Didn’t Build That

We all know how hard you have worked on your business…it takes a lot of work. But with all of the politics and the crazy things people say, I found a viral video that I figured I should share. It gave me quite a few laughs today. Hopefully it does the same for you. So while your sweat pools at your desk while pouring your heart into your business…laugh a little with this.

iPad: New Twitter App

In case you hadn’t heard there is a new Twitter App for your iPad.  First look at the app shows a slick, more streamline application that is a lot easier to maneuver through.  The app itself has been redone from the ground up  and looks like it offers a more user friendly interface for your viewing pleasure.

Download here –


iMessage: Debacle

So, iMessage gave us all a scare.  You know we have to have something to complain about but WOW.  I watched twitter postings on that and was seeing about 400 tweets a minute at minimum when everyones iPhones went BOOM (you all put the storm in twitterstorm).  It does seem as though Twitter has become a complaint launchpad for


hashtag nonsense and complaints about the iPhone in all its glory (yes despite the slow upgrades, I appreciate attention to detail).

Remember when we were told by Apple that iMessage was the safe option due to the problems with their regular texting services back in August?  Where is my safety net!  Twitter save me!!!  We haven’t seen an official fix to this but there are all kinds of fixes out there.

Try these…

Find anything else?  Use hashtag